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|   Sound Therapy


Introducing the newest technology to be incorporated into my Facial and Body Treatments: The 20Hz pro

The 20Hz pro is patented sound technology that assists in sculpting the face, neck and body while eliminating toxins through lymphatic drainage. Our lymphatic system is the body's garbage disposal system that slows as we age.

In as little as 10 minutes you will begin to see puffiness in the face reduce and skin begin to calm and brighten. Long-term rejuvenation effects are a reduction in inflammation, hyper-pigmentation and even acne.

The 20Hz of sound creates the ultimate, relaxing treatment allowing for a safe, painless yet effective session with absolutely no down time!

Additional benefits include:

- Stress release for deep relaxation, reducing tension, pain and soreness.

- Lymphatic Drainage for sculpting and contouring the Face AND Body

- Promotes healthy circulation for cell rejuvenation and regeneration

- Recommended for clients as an alternative to Microcurrent treatments

- Face and Body slimming and contouring

- Face massage

- Product Penetration

- Scalp Massage

- Accelerated Lymphatic Drainage

- Stimulated fascia, ligaments and tendons

- Reduction of inflammation

- Acoustic reflexology

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